Audit and assurance

An audit should be positive, not painful. There is a huge amount of regulation around audit, but we always take a risk focused approach. We work to understand your business, how it operates and the business environment.

Assurance about the accuracy of figures and suitability of disclosures

We retain that knowledge from year to year and build on it; we don’t want to burden you with repetitive questions. Keeping consistency in our audit teams, as well as having excellent systems and records, is the key to achieving this.

Whether your business requires a statutory audit, has a contractual obligation arising from an investor or loan agreement, or you have decided to have a voluntary audit, we can help. In addition, our assurance services help to provide comfort to management on specific accounting systems, procedures or figures.



We are registered auditors, regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. In providing an independent view of a company’s financial position, we are able to contribute positively to the running of the company.

Our audit approach enables us to provide recommendations for improvement in the way a business operates; taking advantage of our in-depth understanding and specialist client knowledge. It is this independent judgement that our client businesses, their shareholders and finance providers find so valuable, adding credibility to the financial statements.

Our audit clients range from property investment vehicles to trading companies and from UK pharma, tech and Financial Conduct Authority regulated businesses to international groups. We also provide audit and independent examination services to charities.



Assurance services are designed to respond to specific needs. Often used by companies that are exempt from statutory audit, this service provides comfort to shareholders and directors in the areas where it is needed most. We have provided assurance over specific accounting transactions and balances, accounting treatments, the effectiveness of new accounting or control systems and increasingly we are asked to review technical corporation tax or VAT matters. The scope could be as broad as an audit, or as narrow as a single transaction.


Interim audits

Audit and assurance services are typically part of the year-end accounts process but we also do interim audits for clients. These interim assignments might relate to half-year figures, or focus on systems, controls or specific accounting entries where there is a concern. We understand that the year-end audit process can be time consuming so we can also use interim audit work to spread the load over the year to alleviate the pressure on your accounts team.


Why work with us?

All Lewis Golden clients benefit from our exceptional standard of client care, our depth of experience, and our distinctive approach.

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We’ll create a structured plan to reach your goals, continuously reviewing your performance and progress towards them.

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