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We think a training contract at Lewis Golden is an amazing opportunity, for a real-world view of the experience we asked some current trainees about their time with us.

A few of our trainees have answered questions about what it’s like to train at Lewis Golden and we hope this will give you an insight into the experience here. 

When you are interviewed for a job as a trainee you have the chance to meet a current trainee to discuss their role and ask your own questions.


Sally started at Lewis Golden as an AAT trainee, completed Level 3 AAT, and then began ACA training she will qualify in August 2021.

Why did you choose Lewis Golden? I chose Lewis Golden because of its reputation as a high-end accountancy firm. I was drawn to the quality of training I got the impression I would receive here. I liked the training options available, being able to begin as an AAT trainee and progress into studying for my ACA.

What are your favourite aspects of the firm? As a small firm, there is a friendly, supportive, and sociable atmosphere amongst staff and trainees. Having contact with senior managers and partners from relatively early on in our training agreements really aids development and has made me feel valued. There are a lot of opportunities to progress and take responsibility for jobs without an air of toxic competition between trainees.

Is there anything you think this firm gives you that other firms might not have? Lewis Golden works with clients from a variety of industries which means that trainees gain exposure to lots of different types of businesses and different types of accountancy work. The breadth of experience is really helpful in finding which areas of accounting I enjoy and any I might like to specialise in. Lewis Golden are also excellent at taking care of employees, with frequent wellbeing courses and no expectation for trainees to work beyond their contracted hours.

What are you working on at the moment (March 2021)? Since I joined in 2017, I have worked on bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable roles, VAT returns, management accounts, statutory accounts, and audits. I am currently managing my first audit, while also overseeing the bookkeeping for my management accounts jobs. I have also been helping a new client set up a bookkeeping dataset for her start-up company.


Bert is currently in his second year at Lewis Golden and is undertaking ACA training.

Why did you choose Lewis Golden? I chose LG because upon meeting Alex, Peta and an existing trainee at the firm it became clear to me very quickly that the firm genuinely cared about its employees and that employee wellbeing was taken very seriously. It was evident that the firm took a keen interest in the development of its employees all the way through their ACA training and after they had qualified.

What are your favourite aspects of the firm? My favourite aspects of the firm are, firstly, that as trainees we can experience working on a wide variety of clients and also a wide variety of tasks on an assignment, all the way from planning through to finalisation. Secondly, that when you express an interest in a particular field of work or industry, the firm tries to get you involved in that type of work as much as possible.

Is there anything you think this firm gives you that other firms might not have? The ability to openly communicate with partners at any time and for any reason. Whether it be a work, study or even personal issue, I know that there is always someone who I can speak to for advice.

What are you working on at the moment (March 2021)? I am currently working on the audit of a group of DNA research and development companies and preparing for my upcoming June professional level ACA exams.


Nick is one of our new starters, he joined the firm as an ACA trainee.

Why did you choose Lewis Golden? I decided I wanted to go into a smaller practice to gain experience working with a variety of clients and to develop the ability to perform a number of accounting services. Lewis Golden’s size, ethos and clientele were all intriguing, and from the first interview I developed a rapport with the people I met, albeit virtually!

What are your favourite aspects of the firm? Lewis Golden has a simultaneously supportive and empowering culture. Having begun with the firm in January of this year, I have already had the responsibility to work on numerous client assignments. This is in addition to having a very structured pathway to completing my ACA Qualification and Level 7 Apprenticeship. This involves a combination of Kaplan class studies, organized internal training and professional development courses.

Is there anything you think this firm gives you that other firms might not have? Lewis Golden has a very familial culture. In the short time I have been here I have interacted with most members of the firm already, and through the company’s buddy system I have had a very smooth onboarding process. While everything is virtual at present, I have found my work and studies to be highly engaging and interesting.

What are you working on at the moment (March 2021)? I have just finished working on an audit for a consulting company with operations in Singapore, Dubai, USA, Canada and Australia, and now I am preparing the statutory accounts for a holdings company with a number of investments.

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