Providing efficient professional support with estate administration, inheritance tax forms and probate formalities during a difficult time.

Support and guidance

Losing a loved one can be emotional and stressful. The additional responsibilities of overseeing the legal and financial aspects of the deceased’s estate might be daunting, so instead of doing it by yourself we can take this extra burden away from you.


What is Probate?

Probate and estate administration is the financial and legal process that takes place after someone has died. It ensures all assets are secured and debts owed to the deceased are collected. Inheritance Tax returns are prepared and the relevant taxes, and money owed to creditors are paid. Finally, the remaining assets from the estate are distributed to the beneficiaries.

It can be a very complex procedure and with this in mind we provide plain-English guidance and personal support throughout.

The main steps are typically:
1.  finding the will,
2. collating information and filling in the inheritance tax forms,
3. applying for the grant of representation,
4. administering the estate,
5. preparing estate accounts and
6. distributing the assets to the beneficiaries as highlighted in the will, or as required by law if there isn’t a will.

We can do this on your behalf and take the worry out of what is already a distressing time whether you are an existing client, or not.


Expertise and experience

At Lewis Golden, we have looked after private clients through the generations. We are experts in Inheritance Tax planning, the tax efficient use of trusts and the long-term oversight of wealth using family offices. When there was a major change in the law (which previously only allowed solicitors or banks to carry out this work) we were quick to obtain the additional qualifications and become licensed to provide probate services.

Probate and estate administration is largely an accounting and taxation exercise, which of course is what we do all the time. This means that we can complete the process quickly and efficiently. We understand the financial documents, the inheritance tax planning steps that have been taken, how to prepare the forms for HMRC and how to calculate any tax that is due. We charge based on the time spent, not a proportion of the estate assets like many banks and solicitors, so we are competitively priced too.

As Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers, we have the specialist knowledge to guide you through the inheritance tax, income tax and capital taxes for the Estate.  We use our experience to help minimise the amount of tax that needs to be paid from the Estate, by making claims for IHT reliefs and considering whether a deed of variation could reduce the tax burden.  We advise and help to put plans in place to minimise the beneficiaries’ future tax burdens. It is all part of a discreet and compassionate professional service.

Lewis Golden LLP is licenced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to provide non-contentious Probate services.

Why work with us?

All Lewis Golden clients benefit from our exceptional standard of client care, our depth of experience, and our distinctive approach.

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Our team is dedicated to helping you realise your ambitions, and ready to support you at every stage.

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“We support our clients and their families through challenging times.”

Neil Edwards

Partner at Lewis Golden

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