From a second home overseas to a superyacht we understand the possibilities and pitfalls of owning luxury assets.

Impartial advice for high net worth individuals

Our understanding of luxury assets such as yachts, aircraft, real estate and artworks combined with technical knowledge of taxation, trusts and estates enables us to provide the best possible personal service.

With many years’ experience of acting for clients with these assets we know they are there for you to enjoy, but that financial and operational controls are vital to providing you with peace of mind. We work closely with clients to devise appropriate systems and procedures to provide reassurance that there is proper financial management, and this is welcomed by employees who have the responsibility of maintaining and running these assets.

Many luxury assets have operational budgets that are on a par with SME businesses. We assist with budgeting so the anticipated costs are clear, accounting so you know that everything reconciles and have the information you need, payment processing using tightly controlled client accounts and payroll administration so your employees can speak to us in the first instance with any queries.

We work closely with professionals in numerous jurisdictions where luxury assets are located, or where the owning entity is incorporated. This means that local tax and compliance matters can be dealt with seamlessly, and we advise on the UK implications whether buying, owning and enjoying, or selling. Where these assets are rented out to guests, we advise on the tax implications and consider any planning opportunities.

The management of luxury assets is often closely linked with a family office, or part of an outsourced virtual family office service. It is vital to have an overview of assets, income and expenditure so we provide regular and ad hoc personal finance reporting services as a core part of our offering to High Net Worth clients. This may take the form of wealth reviews, personal or family income and expenditure summaries or cash statements.

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Alex Parker, Lewis Golden

“We aim to mitigate any stress, so that your luxury assets can be fully enjoyed.”

Alex Parker

Managing Partner at Lewis Golden

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