Widely used by clients, and for their benefit, trusts are a useful tool for tax planning while retaining control of assets.

We advise trustees, settlors and beneficiaries of trusts. We also support the management and operation of a wide variety of trusts and of structures that include trusts. Whether you dealing with a long-standing trust arrangement or are considering setting up a new trust, we can help.


Existing trusts

If you already have a trust we can provide professional support to help with the administration and compliance. We also review existing trusts to ensure they are still meeting their objectives. The original aims of the trust might have been achieved, or may no longer be relevant. It is also important to keep the tax position under review. Tax rules change over time and you need to know where you stand and ensure you are taking full advantage of all the benefits of trusts.


New trusts

We work closely with clients to ensure that each new trust will meet it’s objectives. Having agreed that a trust is appropriate and identified the points that need to be incorporated into the documentation that establishes the trust, we collaborate with your lawyers, or recommend a suitable firm, to ensure that each new trust achieves its aims.

Any discussion about using a trust needs to consider the tax implications, how some control over assets can be retained, the practicalities and costs of administration, and also other structures, like Family Investment Companies, that could achieve similar goals.


Offshore trusts

Having a trust that is settled and administered offshore can sometimes bring significant tax benefits. They need to be carefully set up and administered to ensure that these benefits are preserved. If you are planning to come to the UK or are a UK resident non-dom who has settled an offshore trust, or if you are a beneficiary of an offshore trust, we can help you to understand the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.

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