Financial strategy

The financial strategy of any business is concerned with raising funds, putting the resources of the business to their best use and achieving an acceptable return for the stakeholders. This is done though business planning, consulting with advisors, modelling, reporting and examining the outcome.

A well-planned financial strategy is vital for investment and operations

We have helped clients in many sectors to prepare business plans and decks. Having a clear structure, reliable numbers and experience of the questions that a reader might ask, is always helpful.


Financial modelling

Accurate cash flow projections and financial forecasts are vital to any business project. They are used at the outset to pitch for investment, secure bank funding and galvanise the management team. The ongoing success of a business relies on robust, well tested projections to support commercial decision making.

Creating these forecasts can be complex. They need to be designed adhering to best practice principles for financial modelling, they need to be tested and checked to ensure that they work as intended, and they need the financial and commercial experience of both the management team and a financial expert.

Our experts work in partnership with clients, using existing financial information, and your understanding of the business metrics and drivers, to create robust models. In consultation with you, we can then consider the impact of strategies you are planning to implement or events you are trying to mitigate. This scenario planning and sensitivity analysis provides valuable insight by highlighting the areas where the greatest focus is required.


Financial forecast review service

Our financial forecast review service is used by clients who have developed their own models, but want assurance over the design and implementation. This is particularly helpful if forecasts are being sent outside the organisation for the first time, for example to investors or the bank. It reduces the risk of embarrassing spreadsheet errors and can be used to restructure models so they are clearer.

We can also scrutinise and interrogate existing business plans so management can ensure they are making decisions based on legitimate assumptions.


Environmental and social impact modelling

Conversations with owner-managers now often go beyond the traditional limits of financial strategy and incorporate environmental, social and governance considerations. We can help businesses build the models to consider their impact and predict the effectiveness of their response to these concerns.


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