The annual tax return is a key compliance activity for all companies. We see it as more than compliance though, it is a chance to look holistically at the tax position of the business and ensure it is being conducted efficiently.

Corporation tax compliance

Although the tax computation is based on the statutory accounts, we review sensitive areas to ensure that claims for tax deductions are being made where possible but that you stay on the right side of the line by not claiming for items that should be disallowed. We make claims for capital allowances and research and development tax credits to reduce clients’ tax liabilities where possible.

We will prepare the company tax computation and return, ensure that the accounts contain the correct digital ‘tags’ to be submitted to HM Revenue and Customs, submit the tax return on your behalf, check your company’s tax account and notify you of the tax payments when they are due.

For larger businesses, we review the quarterly instalment payment amounts to ensure that they are appropriate and notify you when tax payments are due.

Working with Lewis Golden gives you more than just an efficient corporation tax compliance process, it provides peace of mind.


Business tax advice

Our team of Chartered Tax Advisors understand the tax issues that our clients face, specific to their industry sector. It is this which allows us to help our clients to structure their affairs efficiently and provide detailed planning advice for corporate acquisitions, disposals and restructuring.

Special advisory projects for clients have also included considering the corporate interest restriction rules and reviewing business structures and financing arrangements to optimise the tax position.

Very few business tax queries stand alone. They interact with other group entities, in other jurisdictions. Questions intersect with management incentives and remuneration. Strategy, succession, profit extraction, business acquisition and disposal issues all have a business tax angle. Our long-term client relationships and deep understanding of their businesses mean we can effectively support and advise.

Why work with us?

All Lewis Golden clients benefit from our exceptional standard of client care, our depth of experience, and our distinctive approach.

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Our team is dedicated to helping you realise your ambitions, and ready to support you at every stage.

We create a plan

We’ll create a structured plan to reach your goals, continuously reviewing your performance and progress towards them.

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Our people are what really make us stand out. The Lewis Golden team is made up of brilliant individuals with a wealth of experience and a sharp focus on the work they do.