We know that complying with rules and regulations in the UK can seem complex at first. If you are expanding, relocating or starting a new business in the UK we have a team of advisors who have a deep understanding of the requirements and will support you in your new venture every step of the way.

Supporting investors to the UK so they achieve their business goals

Our clients have international connections and operations across Europe, Asia and the Americas and we work with professionals from firms in other jurisdictions to provide joined-up advice.

Businesses that are coming to the UK all have different queries and needs but we often help with:

  • Establishing a corporate structure that suits the business vision, including incorporation, issuing shares, appointing directors and providing a registered office address
  • Advising on business record keeping obligations, sales invoice and business letterhead requirements
  • Maintaining the statutory books and ensuring ongoing compliance with Companies House filing requirements
  • Registering the business for VAT (sales tax), preparing and submitting the returns
  • Setting up and running a payroll so the company correctly deducts tax from employee earnings
  • Preparing the year end accounts, either in accordance with UK accounting standards or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Preparing the year end corporation tax computation and return, and notifying the business of the tax payment amount and due date
  • Auditing, even UK small subsidiaries, if it is a large international group and there are no relevant exemptions
    Business planning, financial forecasting, bank loan financing and tax incentivised schemes for equity investors

In addition to all of these compliance activities, our proactive team provide advice on a wide range of business, finance and tax issues.
Businesses that expand into, or move to, the UK often have founders, management or employees who are relocating to the UK, perhaps for the first time. We can assist in this process by advising individuals on:

  • Getting a UK National Insurance (NI) number
  • How UK payroll deductions or income tax calculations work, and the process and deadlines for filing and paying UK taxes
  • The taxation of UK resident, non-domiciled individuals
  • The tax consequences of remitting funds to the UK, or making investments here

Businesses come to the UK to address a market need and exploit a business opportunity. We advise you and take care of the financial and tax compliance so you can focus on business success.


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