Peace of mind that your tax return is in safe hands and that your tax planning opportunities are being considered.

Personal tax compliance

For some people, tax compliance is a major source of stress. Collating the information is the easy part, but taking the right deductions, completing the correct sections of the return and not missing any opportunities or inviting a tax enquiry can be a worry.

We liaise directly with your investment manager, banker, lettings agent, or the finance department in your business. We will remind you of what we need, and when we need it. We combine all of this information, prepare your tax computation and return, then discuss it with you explaining the figures. We will tell you what to pay, and when to pay it. You will have peace of mind that you’ve met all your obligations to HMRC. Then we check everything is correct behind the scenes on your tax account.

Careful preparation of the tax return minimises the risk of a tax enquiry, but there doesn’t need to be a red flag on your return, HMRC also pick some at random to have a look at. If you receive an enquiry notice we will support you throughout the process, liaising directly with the Inspector on your behalf. We work to provide the necessary information and explain the figures in the tax return, aiming to get the enquiry closed quickly and without amendment.

Personal tax planning

Our specialist knowledge and expertise will help you to take advantage of any tax planning opportunities that may arise and ensure that any existing tax strategies are still effective.

In order to put the necessary planning measures in place, our private client tax team stay in close contact. We are available to answer any questions that you have throughout the year. We monitor the financial and professional tax press, looking for opportunities and developing practice.

When the Chancellor sits down after delivering the budget we scrutinise the documentation to work out the implications and opportunities. There are many aspects to personal tax planning, ranging from the careful and efficient use of tax allowances to the use of trusts and specific rules applicable to non-dom clients.

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We’ll create a structured plan to reach your goals, continuously reviewing your performance and progress towards them.


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