Research and Development tax credits are a UK government incentive designed to encourage companies to innovate. These credits can help to reduce a company’s corporation tax bill or the claim can be converted into a payment to boost business cash flow.

Secure a valuable tax incentive, available to innovative businesses

This valuable tax relief is available to companies of all sizes and can be particularly valuable to small and medium enterprises. Claims can be made regardless of whether the business is profitable, and credits can be paid out in cash. It’s worth noting that, although R&D tax credits are designed to encourage innovation, they are available to all kinds of businesses, not just companies in the science and tech sectors.

Our experienced team can help to assess whether your business can qualify for R&D tax credits. Your detailed understanding of your company’s innovative activities, together with our knowledge of the legislation and experience of the practicalities and pitfalls are combined in every successful claim. We will work in partnership with you to explore your business activities and ensure that all potentially qualifying costs are identified. We will then work with you to prepare the support documentation, and submit the claim to HMRC on your behalf.

Following a successful claim, we will consider the wider tax implications such as the interaction with brought forward losses or losses surrendered by other group companies. If you receive an enquiry from HMRC in connection with an R&D claim we will act as your agent and respond to the queries for you.

When acting for new clients we often find that previous R&D claims have not maximised the relief and it is possible to resubmit claims for up to two years after the year end in question. Even companies that have claimed in the past can benefit from an R&D review.

At Lewis Golden we never take commissions from third parties and we don’t think we should take a slice of your tax repayment either. Unlike many R&D claim services, we only charge for our time, so you enjoy all the fruits of your innovation.

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