The complexity of  VAT rules and regular changes in the legislation and guidance make this a specialist area. Value Added Tax is the UK’s sales tax and, at its simplest, involves a regular return to HM Revenue and Customs which details the amount of tax payable, or recoverable.

Understand how the UK sales tax impacts your business

We can help you to prepare your VAT returns, whether they need to be submitted monthly, quarterly or annually, ensuring that amounts reported are accurate and deadlines are met.

New clients often ask us to do a VAT review for their business to ensure they are complying with the rules and taking advantage of VAT planning opportunities. Although this is tailored to each client, we might consider:

  • The treatment of sales made by the business, different VAT rates applicable to different supplies
  • Any VAT schemes that can be used to simplify administration
  • For businesses that receive VAT repayments, how these can support cash flow
  • Correct recovery of VAT in complex areas such as company cars, fuel, phones, entertainment and some capital purchases
  • The recovery of VAT on pre-trading expenditure
  • VAT groups, and transactions between group entities
  • The consequences of international trade

VAT can be a particularly complicated area for property developers. Our experience over decades with clients in this sector means that we can provide support with compliance (we prepare and submit hundreds of returns for clients each year) and advice.

It is vital to consider the VAT consequences of buying or selling businesses or valuable assets. A review of the VAT position should be included when contemplating any large transaction. There are often steps that can be taken to reduce the VAT cost.

When HMRC open a VAT enquiry we support our clients by liaising with the tax inspector, providing information, analysis and explanations to help efficiently close the investigation. Such enquiries often arise when businesses request a repayment of VAT, so our efficiency also supports cash flow.

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“We take pride in simplifying VAT for our clients, in what is a notoriously complicated area.”

Dahlia Patsalides

Senior VAT Manager at Lewis Golden

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